Thursday, 5 February 2015

Twitter vs. YouTube: It's On!

Finally! After months of waiting for an update on their video marketing services, Twitter has revealed the details on their upcoming video promotional services and it seems that they’ll go for all or nothing. It’s on, YouTube!
In 2015, Twitter will no longer be just a microblogging social network, because it has been aiming for something much bigger: to become a full online media platform with online video as its strong suit. After absorbing the micro-video company Vine (practically integrating it into its feed) and releasing a beta service of Promoted Video Ads for selected partners, the next huge step for the social media bird will be -get ready for this- to launch its own native video service!

What does this mean in video marketing terms?

To begin with, it’s a direct hit on YouTube. If Twitter releases its own video player, people will no longer have to depend on YouTube videos to share any type of video on their timeline. YouTube will have to come up with something new for its users, because Twitter -due to its extremely viral nature- has many chances to succeed in this battle.
Twitter vs YouTube (Yum Yum Videos)
Twitter’s native video service also means that the platform will have to upgrade its promotional services and analytics tools in order to encourage businesses to promote their video content through the brand-new native player. That’s great news for video ads as well as for animated marketing videos, the latest branding trend in video marketing strategies.

What will be Twitter’s video service main advantages?

What we know so far (due to recent news uncovered) is that:
- The service won’t allow videos from any other video hosting service (so no YouTube or Vimeo!).
- Videos would have to be shorter than 10 minutes but there’ll be no size limit: this means that Twitter is looking for quality videos. It’s an awesome opportunity for online businesses to share their short and engaging animated marketing videos, like this one over here:
- Users will be able to customize their video thumbnails to make them more attractive (another great advantage for animated videos).
- It’s expected for Twitter to launch a new video app to escort the brand-new service.
- Eventually, Twitter users will not just play and share their video, but also record and edit them within the same platform.
As the folks at TechCrunch wisely point out, “video has proven to be one of the more attractive formats for keeping users engaged on sites for longer”. Twitter executives know this well, and -overtaking many other social media channels- they’re already turning efforts towards video marketing services with a critical hit!
YouTube banner

Will YouTube have the strength to strike back?

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