Saturday, 21 March 2015

3 Ways Instagram Carousel Ads Could Change Your Business


It was on every marketer’s wish list and prediction list at the end of 2014 – clickable links in Instagram. As of last week, brands who advertise on the network can upload photo sets - "carousel ads" – including up to four images that users may swipe through with a Learn More button on the final image linking to a website of the advertiser’s choice.
Could this change your business?
Yes! Here are three ways in which it may:

 1.    Additional information:

Carousel ads make Instagram much friendlier to brands. No longer do you have to spend precious time selecting a filter that is just right and will get your followers to click the (ever-changing) link in your bio. Brands can finally easily share more information with their followers while keeping them in the Instagram app (good one, Facebook).

 2.    Web Traffic:

With the Learn More button brands can drive traffic to their owned properties. This feature creates more opportunities for signup, purchase, donate, etc. while brands can continue to use community management to further educate interested consumers in the comments of other content.

 3.    Lead Generation:

The Learn More button is ideal for acquisition, giving your followers the opportunity to provide what is still the most valuable information – their email addresses – while they’re scrolling through on of their favorite social networks.
As a social marketer, what’s my opinion on these new features?
"Double tap."
Do you wish there was another component to carousel ads? Will your brand/clients be early adopters of this new feature? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter: @KelByrd.


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