Thursday, 30 July 2015

6 Practical Tips to Organically Increase Your Twitter Followers

Twitter is an excellent social media platform for expanding your reach to a larger set of audience. Today, businesses of all sizes are using it as an integral medium for promoting brand awareness. While the number of followers a brand can attract is a fair indication of its popularity, it may not always depict the right picture. Quality is much more important than sheer numbers. In order to achieve promotional success on Twitter, it's important to build a loyal base of engaged users.
While there are hundreds of ways to increase the count of followers on Twitter, you need to take the route which is going to bring you success in the longer run. Buying Twitter followers is cheap and easy, but what purpose is it going to serve? Similarly, there are a number of free and premium tools available in the market which can bring you followers in aplenty - but there's a high probability that none of them would be interested in your business. The need of the hour is to attract genuine followers, who would have a common interest on the niche you are dealing in.
So dump all the unethical ideas out of the window and be prepared to do the hard work. It may seem to be a time-consuming exercise, but do keep it in mind that success has no short-cuts! Concentrate on ethical ways of bringing organic followers to your business and success will automatically follow suit.
Here in this article, we are going to introduce you to 6 practical and ethical ways of building a targeted set of followers on Twitter organically. Let's find out 6 sure-fire ways of using Twitter's social reach to promote your business extensively and effectively.
1. Have a Catchy Yet Precise Bio:
Your best bet to impress perspective users is the 160-character 'bio' section. You need to be extremely careful in using this limited space wisely. Bring out the creative soul in you to craft the bio section in a precise manner. Avoid information overdose, but at the same time, it would be a huge boost if you can include important keywords related to your business. A few catchy words can sometimes do real wonder. An ideal bio should provoke readers to express interest in your brand and for that to happen, you must provide them a reason for following you.
2. Use Appropriate Hash-tags:
If users are the heart of Twitter, then hash-tags are its soul. Hash-tags are important to make the most out of Twitter's search functionality. Twitter uses hash-tags to map tweets to keywords. It allows other users to search and discover your tweets. Again, you need to be cautious in using hash-tags and limit it to one or two relevant keywords per tweet. Excessive hash-tagging can be regarded as a spamming behavior and may annoy your potential followers.
3. Tweet Live Updates:
If you are attending any live events related to your business, then tweet interesting bits of news to your Twitter followers with proper hash-tags. It is your chance to get found by people who may not be on your followers list but share a common subject of interest with you.
4. Join Twitter Chats:
Join Twitter Chats related to your business niche to grow your reputation among targeted audience. Be an active participant and try to add value to the discussions. It would help you to get noticed by potential followers. Twitter Chat can go a long way to establish a business network with like-minded folks and subsequently gain you new connections.
5. Let People Be Aware of Your Presence:
Ensure that you are leaving no stones unturned to display your Twitter handle in as many ways as possible. Include your Twitter profile in email signatures, highlight it on your websites, share it through your business cards and let the world know that you are on Twitter. The greater your reach spreads, the higher is your chance to attract new followers.
6. Cross-Promotion on Other Platforms:
Another effective technique to grow your Twitter follower is to promote it on other social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. If you have a quality website that gets tons of regular readers, then make the most out of it by placing links to your Twitter profile in a visible section 'above the fold'. In-case you don't have, then it's time to start a blog and create a healthy readership. It would not be too difficult a task to attract the regular readers in following you on Twitter.

Always remember that solely concentrating on self-promotion can severely dent your reputation. It's equally important to keep your followers engaged. Off-topic discussions on unrelated subjects can also prove to be useful in certain cases. Above all, you need to allocate consistent efforts on Twitter, follow a planned schedule and tweet regularly.


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