Wednesday, 16 September 2015

3 Reasons You Are Struggling to Find Paying Clients On Facebook (And What To Do About It)

Are you struggling to find your ideal paying clients on Facebook? Perhaps you’ve tried running ads and they didn’t “work” for you? Or, you have Page “likes” but no one seems interested in your offers?
You have something valuable to offer, yet – for some reason – the pieces you’ve implemented so far are simply not generating revenue fast enough.
This scenario can be very discouraging and frustrating when you see and hear of so many experts and online marketers bringing in hundreds of leads a day.
When you master marketing online, you can then scale from one-on-one dollars-for-hours to building a leveraged business that works for you (even when you are not working).
3 Reasons You Are Struggling To Find Clients On Facebook
When I created and launched my first online course, I had a following of just 150 people. In the first 16 days of launching that course, I generated over $100k in revenue. That course has since generated 7-figures.

My primary automated source for new clients: Facebook ads!

If you are struggling, you’re not alone. I connect with thousands of entrepreneurs every month who struggle with finding their people and converting leads into sales online.
Here are the 3 main reasons coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs like you struggle to find their clients online:

Reason 1: Your main product is “YOU”

Do you want to help a thousand people with your expertise or ten? If your vision is to serve a bigger audience, you need a product that delivers results without you delivering every aspect of that product.
You will never be able to scale your business if the main product you are selling is your time.
Your main product needs to be highly leveraged and allow you to serve lots of people without a lot of your time.
This is why an online course works brilliantly as your “main offer.” You create it once and then it works for you.  And, it leads your clients directly into working with you in higher end offers such as group coaching, consulting, one-on-one work, membership sites and more.

Here’s what you can do now: 

Identify a main offer that…
  1. …is a product your ideal clients want,
  2. …does not involve a lot of “YOU,” and
  3. …has enough value to be priced high enough to monetize your marketing efforts. It takes just as much effort launching a $97 online product as a $997 course. Make the return higher for the effort and you’ll have more room to budget for marketing.

Reason 2: Your offer is not specific enough

Specific sells. To get specific, you have to know the question your audience is asking to successfully market to them.
What question is your audience asking that your offer addresses?
If you are a wellness coach, your expertise might include “gut health”. Most people are not online searching for a product related to “gut health”. Yet, there are many people searching for “How do I get rid of stomach pain after I eat?”
You have to get clear on your client’s question to market effectively.

Here’s what you can do now: 

Pay attention to the questions your audience is asking you (including your current clients). Look at your tweets, DMs, Facebook comments, posts and messages, other social channels, emails and more. If you’re still not clear on the primary question you audience is asking, consider conducting a survey.

Reason 3: You are not specific enough around the people you are targeting

To determine the question your audience is asking, you will need to get clear on who you are targeting. The more specific you are with your audience, the more easily you will find them.
Let’s say you are marketing a knitting course. Instead of “women, age 18-65″ who like “Martha Stewart”, challenge yourself to dig deeper and find niches where your people hang out. A target audience of “women”, “age 45-55″ who like “Knitty” and who also like an online knitting supply company like “” are much more likely to be your people.

Here’s what you can do now:

Compile a list of Facebook Pages that your people like, experts they follow, publications they read and more. You’ll use this data to target them using Facebook ads.


The time to think about how you market is before you start to create the product.
A mistake a lot of coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs make is to create an offer and then try to figure out how to market it. When you design your courses, programs and other offers working backwards from what your people want, you are guaranteed success.


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